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Advanced Solar Solutions

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Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Solar Solutions

Advanced Solar Systems offers a variety of solar storage solutions for guaranteed power availability in times of grid energy shortages. Storage products include batteries (from reputable brands such as BYD and PylonTech), solar panels (from Canadian Solar, JA Solar, Jinko and Kodak) and inverters (from Kodak and Solis), which ensure streamlined energy storage for reliable battery backups. The battery packs available through SegenSolar are designed for maximum safety value and a promising life cycle.


We have all your solar accessories from first installation to mantainance.


Our support team carries out support 24/7 for the convinience of our clients.

Servicing & Repair

We do carry out servicing and repair to customers already using solar energy.


We carry out energy deficity surveys and determine upgrading.

Advancing In Solar Energy

Homes. Schools. Offices. Industries

Brands You Are Guaranteed Of:

We  have a variety of solar energy products and their accessories from a wide range of manufacturers and distributors. Our brands speak for themselves when it comes to effectiveness and efficiency.

Customers are assured of quality as well as reliabilty by our brands which are none other than first grade brands.

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